Hello to everyone from the various corners of the Internet! This is a blog where I will discuss and deliberate my obsession that is Asian Dramas and give my opinions on them. This will include discussions on the culture, language, attire, the leads, the omnipresent second lead, the chiseled actors, did I mention the omnipresent second lead? , the did-she-end up-with-the right guy-I'm really confused, the wtf-was-that ending, the cliche's that I hate to mention because I enjoy them more than I care to admit and various other aspects of Asian dramas that are frequently used and the tropes they always follow. As this is my first time blogging, pardon me if you find errors on my part, and do notify me if you can. I hope you find my sometimes petty accusations, standpoint, and general opinions entertaining, as I intend to keenly inspect and explore the madness that is Asian Dramas (While enjoying the entire process, of course). Don't get too surprised or offended, as opinions are very individualistic. Anyway, that's all wanted to say for now. Feel free enjoy my posts and opinions in any way you can, and again welcome to everyone who's here. Much love from me for taking time to read this 💕💖.