Hello Again!

As I mentioned before, this blog is dedicated to discussing Asian dramas that I watch piously, on a regular basis. And to begin it, I chose the drama that I watched ferociously over the summer, which I started with the intention of ridding myself from constant boredom, and way too much free time on my hands. I should've known, given my track record of endlessly obsessing over things that I enjoy that this will consume me, my time and my vacation, entirely. And boy, did it eat me up. You see, ever since I started watching the drama, my thoughts, my laptop screen, my small talk, my internet searches, my twitter, and Instagram mentions,  searches, and comments were all occupied by this drama. I would definitely like to have a little talk with those responsible for Netflix and Youtube algorithms. Seriously, what have they done to me? And how exactly did they know what to push me into? I have a lot of questions, to be honest. But anyway, I think I've given enough insight on the numerous ways of my obsession and the extent of it, for now. Since I 've thoroughly explained the impact of this Drama on me, I think its time to reveal it. 
And the drama is........

Insert excessive drumroll

Cue Spunky, urban music usually used to introduce the main characters to imply their "coolness"

Show Dramatic cuts and Deep Zoom in's on the main character's face, Bollywood style (which does not involve funny Bollywood music, you misinformed internet user )

Low angled shots to show the main characters slowly walking towards you

And now I'm actually going to reveal the drama 

It is ...



Yes. Yup. Yay! Wow!Wowza! Hurray!  Woohoo! Weeeee! Applause. 

Hope this lengthy, exorbitant introduction got you all excited about it as I am. This by far, is one of the dramas that I've rewatched and obsessed over the most. Hence, look forward to me discussing this drama in great detail, as it occupies my thoughts and contributes to my insomnia, frequently. I'll try to update as soon as can and be as detailed as possible, as I hope to examine this drama thoroughly. See you, and again, lots and lots of love from me for reading this post on the account of your much valued time. Cheers.