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Why Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a frustrating,brilliant,complex and wonderful tragedy you will never get over in your lifetime ( probably)

Incase you haven’t watched the drama: Spoiler Alert! Wang So and Hae Soo relationship  The crux of this period ,fantasy and self-titled epic romance drama.The main reason this drama has manage to pull off a spinoff and gain  recognition was primarily because it was based on a popular Chinese Drama Bu Bu Jing Xin , that was based on a bestselling novel by Tong Hua. It dealt with themes of transmigration and history and was broadly centred around an epic ill- fated romance, in which the soul of 21st century girl travels back in time and finds itself in the body of a noble women in 17th century China. Thus begins her fateful romances with two of the princes of the Qing dynasty, one whom goes on to become the future Yongzheng Emperor. As it suggests from the get go, this was a romance that was never meant to be. Because, despite its themes of time and reincarnation at its core , its relationships eventually come down to be defined by its difference in time and perception. Becaus

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